It has been far to long since I (soft) launched social scenery to have only furnished it with one post. So here I am on my knees begging whatever individual(s) out there might still be checking in.

Thanks to my friend Josh on the other side of the pond I came across today. Great site pulling together heaps of useful and interesting content on social media.



buzzerYou know the moment:  you’ve arrived at a party a little late; you’ve stood at the door for a couple of minutes; you hear somone approaching so you press the buzzer; you hope that it won’t be one of your boring nights when you can’t think of anything to say; and that there will be some people there you know.

Well, I stand at the social media door and have pressed the buzzer. I’m not expecting it to open from the inside as its rather busy in there, so I’m taking the plunge and pushing the door in myself.

I intend to document my journey to the other side. Plus, add a few bits from the tasteful world outside. I have to warn you – I am a seasoned ‘joiner’ and not such a good ‘follow-througher’, i.e. not a starter-finisher really. So I’ll probably need some prodding, rooting and cheering from the sidelines from time to time to keep things going.

I’ve just joined Steph Gray’s Digital Engagemnet & Strategy group in Dave BriggsUKGovWeb Barcamp network.